The 7th of July 2011 is already here and with it our Scandinavian summer which changes and shifts constantly our precious summer days rushes by! Just as changing and shifting as life itself.

The heading of my previous blog was ‘riding on a Jet Plane’, and since then it feels like I have gone through the sound barrier being on that metaphorical plane. Parallel to riding the doctoral wave, I have changed career arena from 1st of March and there is yet another shift coming up from early August. It is as if my soul is in a hurry to manifest the right environments for me facilitating the growth I am undergoing. The spring has been extremely challenging on different levels, but I believe the last three months has birthed a stronger foundation and preparedness for the arena I have entered and am entering further into being a doctoral candidate.

Catching up from my previous blog, the visit to Hazelden, Minnesota was hugely inspiring and it was a delight to experience their level of proficiency in offering treatment for substance abuse for the clients there and their families. Hazelden was an incredibly friendly environment to visit mirroring their fundamental spiritual approach to life and their attitude towards substance abuse treatment.

These days the first year of the doctoral journey is about to come to its end and with that a challenging year with a steep learning curve academically and professionally. The pressure has been constant and high and will continue to be so until 1st of August with deadlines to meet end July. The program expects proficiency and that we deliver the goods up to doctoral standard. If one should fail to meet requirement on a written assignment, one has one opportunity to resubmit. If you fail on resubmission you are not able to continue on the doctorate… High performance is expected.

This year as a candidate has amongst other things consisted of deepening my knowledge of research methods and research mentality, and looking into research criteria on a doctoral level. The year has consisted of working towards achieving clarity around ones research project and the doctoral thesis and end product. In my case, looking into substance abuse treatment in general and in Alcoholics Anonymous 12-step modality in conjunction with psychosynthesis in particular, much ground work has been and is being conducted the build an informed platform to continue from. Presently 10-14 hours pr day of study time is needed along with a lot of persistence and self discipline. Coffee breaks outside in the sun and occasional walks in the nearby woods are welcome and necessary treats to air my brain and nurture my soul. Presently it seems as if the doctorate is living me, not I living the doctorate.

Thanks for popping in! Enjoy summer, swim, laugh, eat and drink! I will too… later.

Till next time!