Welcome Back!

Since the peaceful and contemplative space of Christ Mass, life has moved on at a high speed and the image most representative for this experience is that of being on a Jet Plane. I’m moving and moving fast! The destination is set and it is not an option to get off. Just keep the seatbelt fastened and keep my attention and awareness in the present moment. The ride feels great!

More concretely related to the journey of the doctorate, the space that I am presently travelling through is that of getting more intimately acquainted with research in general and more specifically qualitative research methods. Qualitative research methods as such may seem dry and insurmountable, but my experience is that immersing in the thought constructs and building blocs of the various methods is very inspiring indeed. Adding to the inspiration is the presence and commitment of our lecturers and the adventurous and curious nature of exploration I feel I am invited to investigate. Part of the holding is my 10 peers in the cohort, all co creating a warm, friendly and supportive environment.

Parallel life has offered a perfect frame for exploring in depth my theme of interest which still is ‘The lived experience of recovering alcoholics’ lived experience of residential AA 12-step treatment in conjunction with psychosynthesis treatment in a group setting’. The frame is a Norwegian rehabilitations clinic, 12-step treatment based, where I will have the opportunity to work as M.D. and through that do the interesting and exciting work of the doctorate surrounded by enthusiastic colleagues.

Prior to the onset of my new position a real plane is taking me to Minnesota shortly to visit Hazelden Foundation to learn more about the so called Minnesota-model. It will be hugely interesting to learn more about Hazelden’s continuously updated and contemporary treatment and research on substance abuse and recovery from addiction.

A natural consequence of the development of the doctorate is that my daily life includes reflection, reading, reflecting more, formulating questions, find sources of knowledge related to the questions and writing my research journal documenting the internal dialogue and conceptual development related to formulating the thesis.

It adds to the Jet Plane feeling that the thesis itself is due in about 26 months which is a short time span considering the amount of work ahead to reach the academic level required to fulfil the expectation of professional excellence in the chosen field.

Snow covered seeds lay vibrating with joy approaching the time creation offers new life as spring is quickly approaching.

Till next time – Go Well!