Welcome to my Christ Mass update.

As we are approaching Christmas, we are also approaching the days of the year with fewest daylight hours here in the northern hemisphere. It’s well past 3 pm and the magic ‘blue hour’ when daylight turns into winter darkness has begun. The cold, the darkness this time of year and the snow together create the perfect frame for the peace of mind I need to be able to centre myself and concentrate on study work.

At least 10 lit candles gives warmth to my living room, and my thoughts turns to the philosophical grounds of the concept of ‘scientific research’. Simultaneously I am reviewing my own relation to research pondering upon where that influence started for me. This takes me back to a small school library, in a tiny countryside community in Norway where I grew up. The library had a scientific book about metaphysical phenomenon with answers to questions I struggled with that no one else could give answers to at the time. I entered a fantastic universe then. I must have been 13…

Time fly by in my memory looking back and in the present time with each week passing by like airport express trains. Time.. time management was a theme introduced by our lecturers recently, the ability to manage time related to the chosen task. I certainly need to work on that skill, and try to follow the advice to organize life around the DPsych and not vice versa.

When I last met with my cohort, we where told that being a candidate on a DPsych includes the feeling of being on the edge. I understood this to be the process of development into identifying with new knowledge revising old perspectives and even old values which in turn can give a feeling of being incompetent. It gave solace to the feeling being deskilled in this phase of developing new skills, to see the ‘help, what do I have to offer’ feeling in the context that this is growth.

These are transformational times for me where new opportunities have risen as a consequence of studying towards a doctorate. 2011 will give new and exciting challenges professionally and immanently and transformatively as a candidate. I sense that my personal growth will take place on many more different levels and ways than I ever could have imagined.

In closing I want to come to the heading of this update, Christ Mass and the significance and beauty of this time for me. This time of year is reminding us of the arrival of Christ represents for me amongst other things Compassion, Light and Peace. Mass represents for me the inner church or holy inner space where these qualities reside. This is where I want to find myself the next couple of weeks.

The ‘blue hour’ has passed and the heavenly ceiling have turned into dark blue velvet.

Till next time – enjoy Christ Mass, I wish you a Magical Celebration.