A dream.. never thought possible to realize, now no longer just a dream..

In March 2006 I entered the challenging task of completing a Master of Arts in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy offered by the University of East London through The Psychosynthesis and Education Trust in London. This transformational journey was survived and completed in May 2009 with the support and help from friends and family.

The main focus of the MA dissertation was a simple research project with the following focus:

“An exploration of recovering alcoholics’ lived experience of residential AA 12-step treatment and program in conjunction with psychosynthesis in after care in a group setting”

Once or twice the thought crossed my mind that it would have been very interesting to explore this further considering the intersting results the research gave.

February 2010, less then a year later, a so called coinsidence led to the onset of a yet another adventure entering into a new and unknown territory.

One evening I had a chat with a colleague I had not seen for quite a while. He was reading what seemed a thick and heavy academic book. He told that he was actually in his final stage of his doctorate through an English university. My ears sharpened and the whole conversation resulted in me looking up their website and hungrily reading about post ‘qualification doctoral programmes’ offered by Middlesex University through Metanoia Institute in London.

Working my way through the information on the net I realized that this could actually mean a possibility for me as this doctorate was open for senior practitioners at masters level ‘from a wide range of theoretical orientations and practice’. Goosebumps grew on my skin!

Next step was to write an application (extensive), attend a Briefing Seminar in London end April and be accepted for a personal interview with Head of Post-Qualification Doctorates Department. This all went well, and late June I received a formal offer for a place on the doctorate. Fantastic!

The starting date was set to 8th October 2010 for the Induction. Arriving London after flight delay with a hightened pulse I was warmly received by the staff and got to meet the 10 peers and co-travellers to embark on the 3 year long (at a minimum) journey with me.

I got to meet my academic adviser who, to my joy and relief, is Swedish! Wonderful! We were given a 200 pages thick handbook to aquaint us with the content of the doctorate and anything and everything we need to know about what it entails. An impressive and sophisticated handbook I must say!

Now to the work – 1st step a written submission stating a Review of Personal and Professional learning to be assessed by the DPsych Assessemnt Board… Oops! This is getting serious!

I will be blogging regularly and irregularly as I go along. Thanks for your interest.

C U smiley